Hope for the future

Day after day in Montreux I have gained new insight. My opinion and knowledge regarding management and sustainability has grown and so has my interest.

I started off this trip already having taken a module on sustainability in relation to management, which included further exploration and analysis of among other WBCSD’s Vision 2050 policy document. Through this I came to realise just how complex, the current and future, challenges are in terms of reaching the vision of a sustainable future.

Another thing I have come to realise is the great passion and effort that is put in by certain individuals and organisations in an attempt to create change. I am grateful that something is being done, but at the same time I am left with a feeling of wishing I could contribute more, or how to best contribute.

From the Brundtland Report in 1987, when the concept of ”sustainable development” was introduced, to the UN Earth Summit in 1992, to last year’s Paris Climate Conference; to me it is clear that there is progress. If the question is whether it could be going faster then what it has up till this point my answer is yes. As to how much progress the future holds, and if it will be sufficient, remains to see. One thing I do believe, the progress would be much greater if we build an infrastructure that enables a sustainable future; that motivates and enables individuals and organisations to take part and together, faster than what before, make right what we have done wrong.

Written by Thea Nygaard


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