It’s time for Chennai! – Day 5

30th September 2016: 9:45 fourteen Lancaster students are supposed to fly to India. Jay and Divesh are late, no one is surprised. Freddy is running to Barclays to make a note that her card may be used somewhere in India. Jack bought his second coffee for the day and Callum decided to last minute change his joggers to real jeans (stupid decision considering we have a 14hr flight in front of us). Oli our babysitter is a little nervous, he has to make sure we all arrive safely in Chennai. Our minibus driver to Manchester airport was a star, funny stories included. At Manchester airport, we decided to take our first group picture for the trip, including the lovely emirates reception ladies. The excitement is sensible, especially after we realised that we will fly in the A380 to Dubai – best plane ever!

Our flight to Dubai was tremendous! Look at all of those happy, excited faces!

After a quick stop at Burger King in Dubai airport and the first little coincidence with Indian people, we boarded our second plane to Chennai. Everyone was incredibly tired and tried to sleep on our way over the Arabian Sea to Chennai. The first thing to do after hopping off a plane in India, spray yourself with mosquito repellent! And then hope that the immigration officers are nice and let you enter the country. Stepping out of the airport building was an experience: about 500 Indian people staring at you and a wave of humid heat clashing your face. We were escorted by our bus driver away from the crowd and our first car drive in India began. I remember looking out of the window with an open mouth. So many different pictures – We really made it to India! Most memorable moment of that drive: A cow on the pavement. In the middle of the city.

by Michael Mander, Jack Hill and Frederike Kress


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