Chennai – an experience of a lifetime!

by Jack Hill

I am writing this on the final leg of the journey home with an average of 5 hours sleep over the last week, so I apologise for any grammar mistakes in advance.


Being a part of the WBCSD and their “comms team” alongside Freddy and Michael met and exceeded all of my expectations. Felicity, Spencer, Nicolas, Juliet, Ana and Michael were so welcoming and friendly; we were part of the team from the moment we met them when we were added to their group chat. Although we weren’t part of the events team with the rest of the group, we still felt like one big group.

Freddy and I were tasked with creating a promotional video for the Leadership Program, which involved attending their training sessions and presentations throughout the week, as well as interviewing participants and liaison delegates. It was a privilege to work alongside Suzanne – someone who is so passionate about the programme and who was always there to help and introduce us to participants and liaison delegates. Michael had a separate project in writing articles about the week’s sessions and interviewing CEOs; however our work overlapped which meant we could exchange tasks to benefit the three of us as a team. To be given so much freedom in the completion of our projects meant that we had to quickly work out our individual strengths so that we could work efficiently as a team. This worked in our favour, with a daily group agenda keeping us on track with interviews and sessions throughout the week.


There were so many highlights it is hard to pick solely one – the main one is probably making so many new friends in people I otherwise wouldn’t have met, which came alongside so many stomach-hurting laughs that got us through the jet-lag and sleep deprivation. Visiting a shelter for homeless men with mental disabilities was eye-opening, and it was humbling to experience Chennai as a city and a culture in our spare time. Delhi belly was definitely the LOW.


Thank you for the games Rodney – I might have been one of the quieter participants, but I thoroughly enjoyed the eye-opening experience.

I have learnt so much about sustainability in business this week, and as a biologist not part of the management school, I now know what a circular economy is! Me and Freddy spent a lot of time with the Leadership Program, but the sessions that we did attend were eye opening and I particularly enjoyed the one on plastics featuring our very own Dr Alison Stowell. Other lessons learned include to not rely on Indian taxis in the future, and remember that the doors in the ITC Grand Chola open the wrong way.


It was a pleasure to work with you all this week – a week I won’t forget. Thank you.



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