Introduction: My interest in a sustainable lifestyle

Hi everybody!

I just wanted to start this first blog by expressing that I am unbelievably excited to have been chosen for this trip, and to be joining such an amazing group of students and staff to the 2017 World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Liaison Delegate Meeting, which this year, will be taking place in Montreux!!


I have been interested by the WBCSD since researching the organisation earlier last year, and thrilled to find an organisation with so many goals and ideas that aligned with my own. I was excited to see that sustainability was taking a front seat by so many, and by such influential businesses. I admire how the WBCSD are helping companies to meet both economic and environmental needs, by setting specific, yet achievable goals for organisations. By targeting businesses first, the WBCSD encourage business leaders to set an example worldwide, in a mission to lower our impact on the environment, and to be more considerate of our planets future. I am excited to learn more about how to apply these policies and ideas to a business setting and to utilise these skills in my future career. Sustainability is something that I am extremely passionate about, and I now intend to work within this sector in the future. At the WBCSD I look forward to hearing more about different roles, and to see how I can get involved with business and sustainability simultaneously.

A bit about me…

As this is my first blog I thought I should introduce myself, my interests in sustainability and my hopes for the trip!

So, my name is Bethan Thompson, I am from Stoke-on-Trent and currently in my second year of studying Business Studies at Lancaster University. I specialise in Management Science and OWT (Operations, Work and Technology). This year, my Business Ethics module opened my eyes up to the importance of morality and responsibility, and how influential the business sector is within this. In July I will begin my industrial placement with General Electric, where I will be adopting a Sourcing and Supply Chain role.

Outside of my course, I have always enjoyed volunteering and learning about what I can do to help to create a better and healthier society. I am currently a college netball captain and the HR director of Enactus (Entrepreneurial action by us) – a Lancaster University society that builds social enterprise for needful groups within Lancaster – including the homeless, the elderly and people with autism. If you have been to  Lancaster’s weekly market, then you may have heard of our on campus social enterprises ‘The Bagel Hut’ and ‘Zest’! Part of our mission at Enactus is to create and run these enterprises sustainably. At the conference, I would like to learn more about how to adopt sustainable methods, and how to continuously make a positive impact on the environment and on society through all of our Enactus projects.

Over the past year I have become increasingly invested in sustainability and in my impact on the environment; I am now becoming much more proactive in these issues. I have been vegan for almost 10 months now, and am deeply interested in how to maintain a healthy, and sustainable lifestyle and diet; I am excited to see how our world is adapting to meet these long-term issues and I am particularly looking forward to finding more out about sustainable diets, and to hear from FReSH (who will also be attending the conference). I am looking to expand my knowledge of sustainability within the food sector, and businesses role within this.


I look forward to sharing our journey with you.

Only 4 days to go until the trip!!!!


Enactus UK. (2017). Home. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 Mar. 2017].


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