Sustainability and business: where does the media come in?


Michael Mander

The Guardian has not reported on the World Business Council for Sustainable Development since 2014. The BBC quoted a Tweet from the WBCSD last year, but little more in the last 5 years. I couldn’t find a single mention of the WBCSD in any of The Independent’s online content. These are the three news sites I read the most. So – when the opportunity to attend the WBCSD Council Meeting came up, it’s little surprise that my first response was “the what?”.

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Luxury Hotel vs. Slum

img_0810Thursday evening in Chennai: We were out eating in the Hilton hotel, because for Western people, expensive hotels and restaurants seem the only safe places to eat without risking an upset stomach the next day. So we had a nice meal and a drink at the rooftop bar. A decent evening to end the conference time with. When we stepped out of the hotel to get either a taxi or a Tuk-Tuk, one of my fellow students poked my arm and said, “Freddy, look there on the opposite site of the street.” I saw a row of people sleeping on the pavement. Was I surprised? No, not really. We are in India, a country in which a high percentage of the population earns less than a pound a day. Continue reading →

Chennai – an experience of a lifetime!

by Jack Hill

I am writing this on the final leg of the journey home with an average of 5 hours sleep over the last week, so I apologise for any grammar mistakes in advance.


Being a part of the WBCSD and their “comms team” alongside Freddy and Michael met and exceeded all of my expectations. Felicity, Spencer, Nicolas, Juliet, Ana and Michael were so welcoming and friendly; we were part of the team from the moment we met them when we were added to their group chat. Although we weren’t part of the events team with the rest of the group, we still felt like one big group. Continue reading →